After video of two captives released, families say government must choose: Hostages or war

After Hamas released a video of two hostages in the Gaza Strip, families of captives say the government has a choice between hostages or war.

In a statement to the media, a group of families — separate from the Hostages and Missing Families Forum — charge that military pressure, which the government has said would bring their loved ones home, has failed.

“The State of Israel must choose: hostages or war. Entering Rafah will bring more murdered hostages in captivity, or their deaths in the war. Entering Rafah will be another way for the abductees to die. Israel must choose to return the hostages,” the statement says.

The families also call on war cabinet minister Benny Gantz and observer Gadi Eisenkot to work to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, since their efforts to influence the government to reach a deal have so far failed.

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