Amid terrorist gunfire from Tulkarem toward Israeli town, officials urge crackdown

Palestinian terrorists fired many bullets this morning from the West Bank city of Tulkarem toward the nearby Israeli town of Bat Hefer on the other side of the Green Line.

The gunmen film and upload footage of their attack, which according to Hebrew media didn’t cause injuries but did cause some damage.

The Israel Defense Forces says forces have been sent to search the area, adding that “impacts have thus far not been identified” and that troops are “working to locate those who perpetrated the gunfire.”

It is the second such incident this week, prompting anger in the small community.

Galit Shaul, head of the Emek Hefer Regional Council, sends a letter to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant urging an emergency meeting on the matter.

New Hope party chief Gideon Sa’ar says that the repeat gunfire is “intolerable and necessitates immediate and effective treatment,” urging the “failed” war cabinet to “wake up.”

On Monday, dozens of Bat Hefer’s residents demonstrated at the entrance to the town after Hamas gunmen shot toward the town, and after Palestinians were seen crossing the security barrier into Israel and being caught.

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