‘Arrogant, racist and full of lies’: Senior PA official blasts Netanyahu’s UN speech

Jacob Magid is The Times of Israel's US bureau chief

Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud al-Habash (Issam Rimawi/Flash90)
Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud al-Habash (Issam Rimawi/Flash90)

A senior Palestinian Authority official tore into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech earlier today at the United Nations General Assembly.

“The prime minister of the occupation government, Benjamin Netanyahu, did not surprise us with his speech at the United Nations, which was, as usual, an arrogant and racist speech to a disgusting degree — full of lies and contradictions all the facts,” Mahmoud al-Habash tells The Times of Israel.

Habash serves as the supreme Sharia judge of the PA and as an adviser to PA President Mahmoud Abbas for religious affairs and Islamic relations.

“The prime minister of the occupation government has used the method of lying over and over until people believe you; then continue lying until you believe yourself,” Habash says.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly, September 22, 2023, at United Nations headquarters. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

“This method has become shamefully exposed before the international community and there is no longer anyone who believes these lies and distortions of facts, to the point that the United Nations hall was completely empty during his speech because the world is no longer able to hear the torrent of lies, arrogance, and disconnection from reality that Netanyahu lives in,” he continues.

“The clear truth is what [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas said in his speech yesterday that whoever thinks that peace can be achieved in the Middle East without the Palestinian people obtaining their legitimate national rights… is delusional.”

Habash adds that there can be no regional stability as long as the rights of the Palestinians are violated.

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