At least 85 Jewish graves damaged in Belgian cemetery, in antisemitic vandalism

The Belgian city of Charleroi condemns antisemitic vandalism after at least 85 Jewish graves in one of its cemeteries were damaged and Star of David emblems were stolen.

A gravedigger in a cemetery in the Marcinelle neighborhood of the southern city discovered the damage in plots for Jewish tombs yesterday. An investigation has since been opened.

“The place chosen and the theft of many Stars of David leave little doubt about the antisemitic nature of the intentions,” Charleroi mayor Paul Magnette says.

“In the name of the city, I fully condemn these abject acts,” he adds, saying he has asked the city’s administration to notify each family.

Only the cemetery’s Jewish section was affected, suggesting the antisemitic nature of the vandalism.

Belgium has registered a rise in reported antisemitic acts since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7.

Police are monitoring more closely Jewish schools and places of worship.

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