Before heading to US, Herzog says he’ll discuss Iran threat, Lebanon deal with Biden

President Isaac Herzog releases a statement ahead of his departure tonight to the United States for a two-day visit that will see him meet US President Joe Biden, other senior administration officials, congressmembers and local Jewish community leaders.

Noting that he is traveling at the invitation of “my friend” Biden, Herzog says his visit will focus on regional developments, chief among them “the Iranian threat, which is destabilizing not only the Middle East, but the entire world, requiring a firm and united stand against it.”

He will also discuss the Abraham Accords, the imminent maritime border deal with Lebanon, and “our desire and hope to have more nations join the circle of regional peace.”

“We will also discuss other issues, including the climate crisis, the climate challenge — a danger to the entire world and humanity — as well as the opportunities for trade and diplomacy, business relations and others, which of course emanate from the unique Israel-United States partnership,” he says.

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