Bloodied but unbowed, Union of Right-Wing Parties demands two ministerial posts

Despite being slated to receive just five seats in the incoming Knesset after the final votes are tallied tomorrow morning, Union of Right-Wing Parties chairman Rafi Peretz says he will demand two ministerial posts in coalition negotiations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party.

The head of the Likud satellite party asserts on Army Radio that his faction will receive six seats in the end and that he would be best fit to serve as education minister while party No. 2 Bezalel Smotrich should be chosen as justice minister.

“It is natural for Bezalel to deal with law while I have decades of work in the field of education,” he says.

With Likud currently coming in at 35 seats with 97% of the vote counted, the party is expected to retain additional posts for its own members.

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