Brothers and Sisters in Arms activists stage protest outside Miri Regev’s home

Dozens of Brothers and Sisters in Arms activists are protesting outside Transportation Minister Miri Regev’s home in Rosh Haayin in the wake of an investigation by Channel 13 which alleged that her office is rife with politicization and that she systematically gives preferential treatment to local officials who are also Likud power players.

The demonstrators are also protesting against a piece of controversial haredi conscription legislation that the government is expected to debate later today, backed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party.

“Contrary to the stance of the defense minister, minister Gantz and the majority of Israelis, and in the midst of a war, the disconnected government chooses politics over Israel’s security” Brothers and Sisters in Arms says in a statement. “Every Israeli mother will know that Regev’s games are at the expense of her son and her family who serve in the IDF.

“On October 7, the shady business deals on the backs of those carrying the burden, and the discrimination between blood and blood came to an end ” the group adds. “We are all Israelis, we are all equal before the law and we all have the right and duty to serve in the IDF.”

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