Children from Russian cancer hospice form letter Z in support of war

Young children from a cancer hospice in Russia have been lined up to form the letter Z, in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The photo was the idea of the hospice manager, Vladimir Vavilov, who told Russia’s Kommersant: “People lined up in the shape of the letter Z. In our left hand we held leaflets with the flags of the [Ukrainian separatist republics] LNR, DNR, Russia and Tatarstan, and we clenched our right into a fist. Everything went well. A quadrocopter was involved in the filming, and journalists from the federal channel also arrived.”

The letter “Z,” often seen painted on Russian vehicles during the assault, has come to be seen as a pro-war symbol. Some have speculated it comes from the Russian expression “Za pobedy” — for victory.

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