Clips by anti-vaxxer ‘rabbi to the celebrities’ said fueling vaccine distrust

The claims of an anti-vaccination popular rabbi are said to be fueling fears of the coronavirus shot in Israel, Channel 12 reports.

Rabbi Yuval Hacohen Asherov, who advises numerous Israeli celebrities, has released videos falsely claiming the vaccines cause infertility and damage to the immune system. His claims have been debunked by health experts.

Many of his clips have been viewed 100,000-200,000 times.

He has no medical background.

Asherov has been fingered in media reports and by the Health Ministry for sowing distrust, amid a slowdown in demand for vaccines in Israel.

Ashrov, in a clip on his YouTube page, claims that the vaccine is unproven, says that the millions to whom it is now being given are human guinea pigs, and advises against being part of the experiment.

He claims: “The coronavirus vaccine has not undergone any of the routine scientific testing carried out on all other vaccines. That’s the first thing. And what’s happening now is that they’re trying it out on millions of people. This is the trial. Now is the trial. They’re injecting us with it. Well, not us, with God’s help. They’re injecting us with it, and they want to see what the results are.”

Rabbi Yuval HaCohen Asherov (YouTube screenshot)

Earlier on Channel 12, Tamila Nazarov, who runs a Facebook page called “Say no to the Green Passport,” protested that she faces “being treated like a second-class citizen” and being barred from malls, because she refuses to be vaccinated.

“I’m not preventing anyone else from being vaccinated. Whoever wants to get vaccinated should get vaccinated,” she says.

“We’re not coronavirus deniers and we’re not conspiracy theorists,” she says of her group. “It’s not legal for people to be threatened with dismissal from their jobs because they don’t want to get vaccinated. These are our rights.”

She objects to “being called murderers” after someone on her page posted, “If everyone who doesn’t intend to get vaccinated books an appointment for the vaccine and doesn’t turn up… we’ll get rid of the supplies (into the trash) pretty quickly.”

The Facebook page has been taken down for spreading disinformation.

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