Deri plans to condition immigrant passports on proof of settling permanently in Israel

Illustrative. An Israeli passport. (Flash90)
Illustrative. An Israeli passport. (Flash90)

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announces that he intends to change a law to make it harder for immigrants to get Israeli passports, following what he describes as exploitation of the current legal situation.

According to the plan, anyone making aliyah will have to prove that they have established a permanent residence in Israel as a precondition to receiving a passport — the same legal requirement that was in place until 2017.

Deri says that, since then, immigrants have received passports and benefits only to immediately leave the country.

A statement by Deri’s office says that he has instructed the Population and Immigration Authority to advance a law change to this effect. It is not clear how or when the legislation will be promoted in the Knesset.

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