Dutch Christians pick 13 tons of Jaffa oranges to sell at cost in the Netherlands

Cnaan Lidor is The Times of Israel's Jewish World reporter

Dutch Christian volunteers pick oranges in Israel in March 2024. (Christians for Israel)
Dutch Christian volunteers pick oranges in Israel in March 2024. (Christians for Israel)

Pro-Israel Christians pick Jaffa oranges in southern Israel, which their organization then buys from farmers to sell without profit in the Netherlands.

The action in recent weeks in southern Israel lands more than 13 tons of premium oranges bearing the iconic Jaffa brand in the warehouse of the Israel Product Center, which is the commercial arm of the Christians for Israel group, spokesperson Sara van Oordt tells The Times of Israel.

The oranges are preordered and sold out even before their arrival, and stay very briefly at the warehouse of the Israel Products Center inside the three-story headquarters of the Christians for Israel group in Nijkerek near Utrecht. Members and supporters of the group from across the kingdom pick up their Jaffa orders in Nijkerk, van Oordt says.

Each kilogram (2 lbs) costs 2 euros ($2.15), which is significantly cheaper than the standard price of oranges of comparable premium brands at non-discount supermarket chains.

“It’s as Israeli as any product can be, symbolizing Zionism and the establishment of statehood,” van Oordt says.

The 13 tons in Nijkerek are a fraction of what Christians for Israel volunteers picked last month in a concentrated action to support Israeli agriculture, she adds. The fact the Jaffas are sold out “shows many Christians in the Netherlands stand squarely behind Israel, in prayer, in action — and also in enjoying the best Israel has to offer.”

There’s also a Dutch connection, she notes. “Orange is the Netherlands’ national color. It’s only appropriate they are on offer here.”

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