Erekat: Pics of Ahmed proof of ‘Israel’s disregard for human life’

Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator in the now-defunct peace talks, responds to Netanyahu’s charges that Abbas is a liar. He calls Netanyahu’s remarks “a failed attempt to distract from the fact that Palestinian civilians, including children, are being systematically targeted for extrajudicial executions by Israel.

“We thought in the beginning that he (Ahmed) was killed,” Erekat said. “Then the information we had was that he is clinically dead.”

Erekat says that the photos and video of Ahmed Manasra published by the Prime Minister’s Office from Hadassah Hospital earlier today “clearly shows Israel’s disregard for human life.

“Ahmed was run over by an Israeli military jeep. While he didn’t constitute a threat following the incident, he was later beaten and abused by the Israeli settler bystanders under the protection of the Israeli armed forces,” Erekat charges.

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