Firebrand Arab Israeli Islamist cleric calls on both sides to stop the war

Sheikh Raed Salah, one of the most prominent Arab Israeli Islamists, calls on “adherents of all religions” to “stop the war” and “spread peace.”

In a short video Salah, who led the Islamic Movement’s radical Northern Branch until it was banned by the government in 2015 for alleged terror ties, and was convicted in 2017 for nine months for incitement to terror, urged people to “say no to the destruction of mosques, churches, synagogues,” and “say no to the killing of fetuses in the wombs of their mothers.”

While not explicitly mentioning the Hamas terror group, the latter reference appears to be citing the brutalities it carried out in the October 7 assault on southern Israel.

He also urges both sides to stop the violence — not just Israel, unlike most religious leaders in the Arab and Muslim world.

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