Footage shows family and friends reuniting with rescued hostages at hospital

The Israel Defense Forces releases footage of hostages reunited with their families at Ramat Gan’s Sheba Medical Center.

“I want to thank our good quality, humane, and most moral army in the world. There’s no army like this in the world,” says Yaakov Argamani, the father of rescued hostage Noa Argamani, with his arms around his daughter and standing next to a masked soldier, likely one involved in the rescue operation.

A video also shows rescued hostage Andrey Kozlov being aided in walking, then sitting, saying that he was aware of weekly Saturday evening demonstrations calling for hostages’ release.

He is later seen embracing fellow rescued hostage Almog Meir Jan.

Jan embraces family and friends, with one of them looking at him and jokingly asking, “How many pitas [did he eat in Gaza]?”

Shlomi Ziv is heard saying he wants a shower, and talking with a doctor.

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