Gallant: Israel to open new crossing into northern Gaza to assist delivery of aid

Israel will open a new land crossing into the Gaza Strip designed mainly to facilitate deliveries to Palestinians of aid from overseas or neighboring Jordan, Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant says in a briefing to the foreign press.

Briefing reporters, Gallant says a new crossing point would be created on the northern part of the Gaza border to reduce the time taken to truck in aid from Ashdod, 40 kilometers (25 miles) away.

An aide says the crossing point would be between the Israeli village of Zikim and the Palestinian village of As-Siafa.

Gallant says the new crossing point would boost the delivery of aid brought in overland from Jordan, to Israel’s east.

“These breakthroughs have a direct impact on the flow of aid – we plan to flood Gaza with aid,” he says. “It will also streamline security checks and strengthen our work with international partners.”

Earlier today, Army Radio reported that the Defense Ministry was planning on keeping Erez crossing on Gaza’s northern border closed and will instead seek to open a crossing at an alternate site, fearing that protesters on the Israeli side will disrupt the entry of aid into the Strip.

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