Government selects BlueGen to run country’s first facility to treat contaminated groundwater

Sue Surkes is The Times of Israel's environment reporter

The government selects the BlueGen company to finance, build, operate and maintain the country’s first facility to treat contaminated groundwater.

The facility will be located at the Ramat Hasharon industrial area, in central Israel, and will treat some 5.5 million cubic meters (1.45 million gallons) of water annually, to a level of quality that will enable it to be channeled into the Yarkon River.

Groundwater contamination has lead to the closure of wells in Ramat Hasharon, northern Tel Aviv and Herzliya, and currently threatens additional wells.

The cleanup will allow for the construction of tens of thousands of new housing units and more than a million square meters (10.8 million square feet) for business and industry, according to a statement.

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