Government spokesman Eylon Levy says Israel will challenge South Africa’s ‘blood libel’ at The Hague

Israel will appear before the International Court of Justice in The Hague to challenge South Africa’s application for an order declaring that Jerusalem is violating the UN’s Genocide Convention in its war against Hamas following the Gaza-ruling terrorist group’s murderous October 7 onslaught, government spokesman Eylon Levy says.

“In giving political and legal cover to the October 7 massacre and the Hamas human-shields strategy, South Africa has made itself criminally complicit with Hamas’s campaign of genocide against our people,” Levy says in a press briefing.

Saying that the State of Israel will appear at the Hague to “dispel South Africa’s absurd blood libel,” Levy accuses South Africa of “fighting pro bono for anti-Jewish racists.”

“We assure South Africa’s leaders – history will judge you, and it will judge you without mercy,” he adds.

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