Herzog speaks of hope in message to Jewish communities around the world

President Isaac Herzog releases a message to Jewish communities around the world in the midst of Israel’s war on Hamas, which has been accompanied by a sharp spike in antisemitic incidents.

“This is not only a war between Israel and Hamas. Israel may be fighting on the ground, but it is fighting the battle of the entire civilized world. We are determined to stand up to this evil,” Herzog says.

“In the wake of the massacres, we have seen a terrifying surge of antisemitism throughout the world. This fact has exposed the close link between antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment,” he says.

But he offers a message of hope.

“Sisters and brothers, outside my window here in Jerusalem, I see an Israel that is thriving in spite of it all. As I speak, our sons and daughters in uniform are on the frontlines fighting to protect us. Israelis of every background are showing up for each other in remarkable ways. Jewish communities across the world are mobilizing with unprecedented energy. I receive offers of support and solidarity from every corner of the globe,” he says.

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