IDF releases names of 16 more soldiers killed in Gaza war; official toll at 73

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

The Israel Defense Forces names another 16 soldiers killed in southern Israel during fighting with the Hamas terror group over the past day.

The names bring the toll of slain Israeli soldiers to 73. They include:

Lt. Col. Eli Ginsburg, 42, a Shayetet 13 officer, from Dovrat.

Maj. Peleg Salem, 30, a logistics officer, from Netanya.

Cpt. (res) Roi Nagri, 28, a Lotar unit commander, from Tel Aviv.

Lt. Itay Cohen, 22, a Yahalom commander, from Rehovot.

Lt. Nitai Omer, a Combat Engineering officer 22, from Alumim.

2nd Lt. Yonatan Guttin, 20, a signals officer in the Multidomain Unit, from Modiin.

Staff Sgt. Orel Moshe, 21, a Golani soldier, from Rechasim.

Staff Sgt. Yosef Itamar Beruchim, 20, a paratrooper, from Ashdod.

Staff Sgt. Tshager Taka, 21, a Golani soldier, from Jerusalem.

Staff Sgt. Nave Eliezer Lex, 21, a Sayeret Matkal soldier, from Lod.

Sgt. Ben Rubenstein, 20, a Lotar unit instructor, from Hod Hasharon.

Sgt. Yaron Uri Shay, 21, a Nahal soldier, from Kadima Zoran.

Cpl. Adir Tahar, 19, a Golani soldier, from Jerusalem.

Cpl. Amit Tzur, 19, a Golani soldier, from Elyachin.

Cpl. Ili Bar Sadeh, 19, a Golani soldier, from Ramat Gan.

Pvt. Lior Levy, 19, a soldier in the Home Front Command, from Dimona.

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