IDF says calm restored to West Bank after nearly a dozen villages reportedly attacked by settlers

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

The IDF and Border Police are deploying more troops to the West Bank following violence by settlers against Palestinians, after the murder of an Israeli teenager.

The military says “clashes developed” between Israelis and Palestinians at several locations in the West Bank, during which stones were hurled and shots were fired, avoiding pointing a finger at the settlers who were widely blamed to have instigated the clashes by ransacking nearly a dozen different villages throughout the West Bank.

Dozens of Israelis and Palestinians were injured in the incidents, the IDF says.

The military says “many forces” were deployed to the sites of the clashes and used riot dispersal means. “As of now, all the incidents have ended,” the IDF says.

“Along with the forces deployed to the area, it was decided to reinforce [the area] with several IDF and Border Police companies,” the army says.

The IDF says it is continuing a manhunt for the terrorists who murdered 14-year-old Benjamin Achimeir.

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