IDF says it struck site used by Hamas, PIJ which was previously part of UNRWA’s Gaza City HQ

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

A site where Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives were gathered, previously part of UNRWA’s headquarters in Gaza City, was struck by the Israeli Air Force this morning, the military says.

The IDF says it carried out aerial surveillance ahead of the strike carried out by fighter jets, used a “precision munition” and used various intelligence, to prevent harm to civilians.

According to the military, the Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives “operated out of buildings that were previously used as UNRWA’s headquarters, in order to use them as a shield for terror activity.”

“This is another example of Hamas’ systematic exploitation of civilian infrastructure and the civilian population as a human shield for its terrorist activities,” the IDF says in a statement.

According to Palestinian media, at least five people were killed in the strike.

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