IDF: Soldiers who tied hurt Palestinian to vehicle acted ‘contrary to orders and procedures’

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

The IDF says troops who tied a wounded Palestinian to the hood of a military vehicle in the northern West Bank this morning acted against army protocols.

Troops had operated in the Wadi Burqin area, adjacent to the city of Jenin, to detain wanted Palestinians. Amid the operation, the IDF says troops returned fire at gunmen who shot at the soldiers.

The man was shot and detained amid the gun battles by troops who suspected he was involved in the gunfire. He was brought out of the area while tied to the vehicle’s hood.

However, he was later handed over to the Red Crescent.

The IDF in response to a query on the matter says the soldiers’ actions were “contrary to orders and procedures.”

“The conduct seen in the video is not consistent with the IDF’s orders and what is expected of its soldiers,” the military says.

It adds that the “incident is being investigated and will be dealt with accordingly.”

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