J Street slams Netanyahu for sharing clip of him ‘humiliating’ Obama

The dovish lobby group J Street condemns Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for sharing a video of him “humiliating” former US president Barack Obama.

“Netanyahu apparently decided to destroy the remaining support his government has in the Democratic Party. Instead of thanking President Obama for signing the largest ever [military] aid package for Israel, Netanyahu takes prides in the lack of respect he showed Obama,” Yael Patir, the head of J Street Israel, says in a statement.

“This video is unnecessary and even more severely is devastating to bipartisan American support for Israel,” adds Patir, whose group was a vocal supporter of the Obama administration.

The video clip, which was taken from the PBS documentary “Netanyahu at War,” shows footage from the contentious 2011 Oval Office meeting between Obama and Netanyahu, with the narrator saying the prime minister “lectured” the US president on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

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