Jewish strategists who worked with Netanyahu said behind campaign against Soros

Two Jewish media strategists who have closely worked with a wide range of Israeli politicians over the years are behind a Hungarian smear campaign against Jewish billionaire George Soros, according to an interview one of them recently had with Swiss weekly Das Magazin.

Arthur Finkelstein (left) and Benjamin Netanyahu in March 10, 1999. (Flash 90)

They are Arthur Finkelstein and George Birnbaum, two longtime advisers who worked with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu introduced the pair to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in 2008, The Times UK reports.

Finkelstein — who died in 2017 aged 72 — and Birnbaum reportedly identified the Jewish businessman and progressive philanthropist in 2013 as an ideal scapegoat for Orban in 2013, the report says.

Political adviser George Birnbaum during an interview with CNN in 2014. (YouTube/GuariscoGroup)

“The perfect opponent is one whom you punch over and over again and who never hits back,” Birnbaum, 48, told the Swiss weekly.

“When we planned the campaign we did not consider for one second that Soros was Jewish,” he added.

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