Jordanians marching on Israeli embassy clash with police, call to ‘bomb Tel Aviv’

Several people have been arrested in Amman amid clashes between riot police and Jordanian demonstrators marching on the Israeli embassy to protest Israel’s military operation in Gaza.

“No Zionist embassy on Jordanian land,” some protesters chant as others shout slogans back Hamas and attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians.

“We want to go the borders and kill and kidnap Zionist soldiers. Revenge … revenge … Oh Hamas, bomb Tel Aviv,” they shout.

Authorities had sent in riot police to disperse demonstrators gathered in the Kaloti mosque in the capital who were planning to march on the heavily fortified Israeli embassy nearby.

Several protesters were beaten and several arrested as they tried to break a heavy police cordon around the embassy, witnesses say. Police have deployed teargas to push back the demonstrators.

Police are not immediately available for comment.

Jordan has allowed peaceful protesters to gather outside the Israeli embassy daily but authorities say they cannot tolerate any attempt to storm the embassy, instigate civic unrest or try to reach a border zone with the West Bank or Israel.

Israel’s ambassador has been absent since October 7 due to security precautions.

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