London police working to identify man seen wearing soccer shirt with ‘Hamas 7’ on back

London’s Metropolitan Police is attempting to identify a man seen walking through the capital city wearing a Manchester United soccer shirt with the word “Hamas” and a large 7 emblazoned on the back, seemingly in reference to the October 7 Hamas terror onslaught in southern Israel.

Speaking to the Daily Mail on the condition of anonymity, a Jewish man says he circulated the photograph of the shirt online after spotting it while walking in the center of London on Friday.

“Wearing the name of a terrorist organization is really shocking,” he says, adding that even in the unlikely case that the man’s last name was Hamas, “surely he would have been aware of the association.”

The Metropolitan Police has said it is aware of the “football shirt with an offensive message on it,” and adds that “inquiries are underway to try and identify the man.”

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