Man who shot terrorist fighting with police over confiscation of gun

The right-wing Honenu legal aid organization has put out a video showing police arguing with one of the men who shot Beersheba stabber Mohammed al-Qian as they try to confiscate his weapon.

Weapons from both bus driver Arthur Chaimov and the second person, who is not named, are to be examined by forensics experts as part of the police investigation. The police say the procedure is standard. Such checks usually take a few days.

But the second person, who lives in a West Bank settlement, tells police that he will not leave the station without his gun, fearing for his safety on his way home, especially since pictures of his face have been published.

In the video, apparently filmed surreptitiously, the shooter says he won’t leave the station without his gun, to which the cop replies that he is not staying there and should quit playing games.

According to a lawyer for Honenu, the police suggested that the man rent a private bodyguard. It demands his gun be returned by Tuesday night.

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