Ministers advance plan to reopen Ben Gurion Airport to Israelis on Sunday

The coronavirus cabinet has approved a plan that will largely shutter the government’s Exceptions Committee, which has been responsible for approving requests by Israelis who want to enter or exit the country. The proposal must still be approved by the full cabinet, which is slated to meet later tonight.

The plan will allow for the partial reopening of Ben Gurion Airport, which is currently only seeing 200 arrivals per day. As of Sunday, that number will climb to 3,000, according to the proposal.

The only Israelis who will require the approval of the Exceptions Committee in order to travel will be those who are not vaccinated and seeking to leave the country.

According to the plan, all arrivals will be required to present a negative coronavirus test taken no more than 72 hours before their departure to Israel.

Upon landing, only those who have not been vaccinated will be required to quarantine at home or in state-run hotels.

Initially, only a handful of cities will be open for flights to and from Israel, including New York, Frankfurt, Paris, London and Kyiv.