Most Israelis believe life will get worse for Jews in Europe in near future — poll

On the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a Hebrew University poll finds most Israelis — 53% — believe life for Jews in Europe will get worse in the near future, with 25% saying it will stay the same.

The survey — conducted among 1,000 Israeli adults, Jews and Arabs — finds that France is the European country perceived as the most antisemitic, with 39% of respondents branding it as such. It is followed by Poland (33%) and Germany (15%). Germany ranks first for Haredi Jewish respondents, France is highest among religious and traditional Jews, and Poland is first among secular Jews. Arabs ranks Poland and Germany the highest.

A third of Jewish respondents say criticism of Israel is inherently linked to antisemitism, with a majority among Jewish Israelis saying that sometimes there is a link between the two.

Asked whether the EU’s policies are motivated by antisemitism, 27% of Jews say they are and an equal share reject the notion outright, with 40% saying some are and some aren’t. Among Arabs, 53% reject any link between EU policies and antisemitism.

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