PM decries ‘lies’ about his health, says he’ll be back in action soon after tonight’s hernia procedure

Lazar Berman is The Times of Israel's diplomatic reporter

Netanyahu is now taking questions.

Responding to the first question, about his health and whether he would release his entire medical report, Netanyahu says the report is “available, known.”

He decries “lies” about the health of him and his wife, including the allegation that she spent a week in a sanitorium in Vienna when in fact she had an appendix operation..

“I promise you, I will get through this treatment successfully,” he says, ahead of surgery on a hernia later tonight. “I will return to action very quickly.”

Asked about the hostage talks, he says, “I’m not interested in appearing to try hard … but in succeeding” to achieve their return.

“Not every demand Hamas makes — some of which are delusional and very dangerous — has to be accepted,” he says.

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