Parents of 12-year-old victim of antisemitic gang rape: Attack was ‘mimicry’ of Hamas atrocities

The parents of the 12-year-old Jewish girl who was gang raped in a Paris suburb earlier this month tell French newspaper Le Parisien that the attack, which has sent shockwaves through France’s Jewish community, was a “mimicry”of the atrocities committed by Hamas in southern Israel on October 7.

The girl told police that on June 15 she was approached by three boys aged between 12 and 13 while she was in a park near her home with a friend and dragged into a shed on Saturday evening in the northwestern Paris suburb of Courbevoie.

The suspects beat her and “forced her to have anal and vaginal penetration, fellatio, while uttering death threats and antisemitic remarks,” a police source told AFP after the event.

Speaking to Le Parisien, the girl’s father — who is not identified by name in order to protect her anonymity — says that the attack was “clearly an antisemitic act” linked to the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

“The public opinion has become confused between Israel, seen as the aggressor of the Palestinian people, and the French Jews who are therefore singled out and denounced for events which are taking place several thousand kilometers away,” he says.

The girl’s mother, who also remains anonymous, says that French Jews aren’t experiencing “residual antisemitism, but rather a heavy, visible, palpable antisemitism.”

One of the suspects who has confessed to the attack said, after he was arrested, that he had acted out of revenge after the young girl hid her religious identity from him, something which her parents say she did on their advice.

“We want people to wake up and make the distinction between an extremely hot conflict taking place abroad and French Jews,” her mother says. “There is a mimicry between the acts perpetrated by Hamas terrorists in [southern Israel] and what our daughter suffered near our home in Courbevoie.”

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