Personal details of all Israeli voters leaked, again — report

Personal details of all Israeli voters have leaked online once again ahead of Knesset elections, apparently linked to the Elector app, which was blamed for previous leaks allegedly utilized at the time by the ruling Likud party to boost turnout.

The Haaretz daily reports that today, a day before the 4th national vote in 2 years, some journalists received a link to the database on Ghostbin, a website that allows people to post anonymous messages.

The anonymous uploaders — identified as “The Israeli Autumn” — reportedly said they have been “forced” to release the info due to the failure of authorities to deal with Elector. They haven’t provided evidence that the information originated from Elector.

One database contains the full voter registry, including names and ballot numbers of all 6,528,565 eligible voters. A second contains up-to-date names, addresses, ID numbers and more details.