PM’s office: Report on hostage deal incomplete, claim Israel agreed to end war a ‘lie’

Lazar Berman is The Times of Israel's diplomatic reporter

In response to the Channel 12 report laying out what it says is the proposal offered by Israel to Hamas last month, the Prime Minister’s Office says the “document that was presented is incomplete and misleads the public.”

“The claim that Israel agreed to end the war before achieving all its goals is a total lie,” says the PMO.

According to Channel 12, Israel offered “a sustainable calm,” which the proposal defined as a “cessation of military operations and hostilities permanently.”

The full document, argues Netanyahu’s office, would show that “Israel will not end the war until all its conditions are met — that is, fighting until Hamas is eliminated, returning all of our hostages, and ensuring that Gaza never again represents a threat to Israel.”

Netanyahu has refused to reveal the full proposal to the security cabinet, drawing accusations from his far-right allies that he is purposefully concealing information from them. They have said any end to the war without Hamas being vanquished will cause them to leave the government.

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