Police close roads as anti-overhaul protests set to begin in Tel Aviv, other cities

Police close main roads in central Tel Aviv as a major anti-government rally is set to begin in the coastal city this evening.

Several more large demonstrations are anticipated in other cities around the country, including outside the President’s Residence in Jerusalem and near a shopping area in Haifa.

Tens of thousands of people are expected at the main protest on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv.

Organizers say the protests will go ahead as planned in the wake of several deadly terror attacks and violence, but that they have agreed to a police request to cancel a march through the city streets.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been holding huge protests in Tel Aviv and nationwide against the government’s judicial overhaul plans every Saturday for the last 14 weeks, with demonstrations carrying on after the coalition paused the legislation to allow a period of dialogue on its highly divisive efforts to weaken the justice system.

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