Police suspect ZAKA officials helped cover up Meshi-Zahav crimes – report

Police suspect ZAKA officials of helping to cover up the suspicions against the organization’s co-founder Meshi-Zahav, according to a report by Channel 13.

The report also says that Meshi-Zahav was the subject of a sex crimes investigation already in the late 1980s. It says two women complained against him, but later retracted their testimony.

“I never committed illegal acts,” Meshi-Zahav is quoted telling his confidants. “There were consenting relations with different women, but nothing was coerced and nothing was against the law.”

The ZAKA founder’s lawyer, Ephraim Dimri, tells Channel 13 that his client is prepared to cooperate with the investigation against him.

“He has nothing to hide,” Dimri says. “He hasn’t seen any testimony. Everything we’ve seen has been in the media. If he is called and confronted with whatever testimony, he will respond.”

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