Polish police arrest woman with Islamic extremist sympathies who planted bomb

Polish authorities say that they have arrested and pressed charges against a 38-year-old Polish woman with Islamic extremist sympathies who planted an explosive device on a street in central Warsaw earlier this month. There were no injuries.

Police say in a statement that the woman placed the device in Warsaw on the night of Nov. 10-11 and then took a train back to her home in western Poland. Nobody was hurt, but the device had the potential to hurt many people, police say.

“The makeshift explosive device filled with gas containers and nails could have caused a serious threat to the health and lives of many people,” the statement says. It adds that she was charged with “causing danger and bringing danger to the life and health of many people, as well as preparation for causing such danger.”

Police describe the suspect as a Polish woman interested in Middle Eastern affairs, but don’t give any more details about her. They release photos showing police fingerprinting and handcuffing her, and also showed some of the objects they said they found in her home. Among them was an image of Osama bin Laden.

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