Relatives of slain Palestinian say he was shot dead by troops as settlers rioted

The relatives of a Palestinian man killed during yesterday’s settler rampage in Huwara claim he was shot by soldiers as they attempted to defend themselves from the riots.

A cousin of 37-year-old Sameh Aqtash tells Haaretz that settlers accosted several homes belonging to the extended family, at which point members of the family emerged and clashed with them in a bid to defend their homes.

Ayman Aqtash claims a military force then arrived and attempted to separate the sides. In the confrontation, he said, the force began using tear gas and live fire against the Palestinians.

A military source has said Israeli troops were not involved in the shooting that killed 37-year-old Sameh Aqtash. There has been no immediate comment from Border Police officials on the incident, and it remains unclear if he was shot by settlers.

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