Rivlin at March of the Living urges harnessing ‘all tools’ to fight racism, anti-Semitism

The March of the Living closing event, broadcast online due to COVID-19 and dedicated to medical doctors during the Holocaust and the current pandemic, is followed immediately by an online memorial ceremony with the first torch of remembrance lit by President Reuven Rivlin.

“During this pandemic we are prevented from stepping on the accursed earth, saturated with the blood of six million of our people,” Rivlin says. “Yet, we have vowed never to forget or let go. Technology allows us, each and every one of us, to participate in the March of the Living without leaving home, while contributing to the commemoration of the Holocaust and its victims. We must harness all the tools at our disposal to fight racism, anti-Semitism, attempts at denial. We must continue marching.”

Chairman of the International March of the Living, Dr. Shmuel Rosenman, says: “Although we are unable to step our feet on the land where the most horrific atrocities of human history took place, the March does not stop. We will continue to pass the torch of memory and fight the fight against anti-Semitism and racism of all kind. We will never stop marching — and never forget.”