Saudi: Yemen campaign a message to Iran

A citizen of Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, reports that the atmosphere on the streets is calm despite the country’s large-scale offensive against Shi’ite rebels south of the country.

Speaking to Ynet, the man, Hussein, says: “the Houthis are controlled by Iran. Saudi Arabia may have kept quiet over events in Syria and Iraq, but Yemen is a red line for us. Iranian control of Yemen means great danger for Saudi Arabia.”

Hussein adds that the unity against Iran – Saudi Arabia is supported by seven Arab countries – is “uplifting” for Saudi citizens.

“The support of countries like Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey in the operation is a message to Iran,” Hussein tells Ynet. “Iran is a paper tiger, it can do nothing. It may try to get the Shiites in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to revolt against the Sunni rulers of those countries, maybe the Houthis will respond – but Iran will do nothing.”

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