Seinfeld roasts anti-Israel protester on stage: ‘I like it when the Jew-haters spice up the show’

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld roasts anti-Israel protesters who heckled him during a standup routine, at a show in Norfolk, Virginia, over the weekend.

In video published by US celebrity news site TMZ, a person in the audience can be heard shouting, “Free Gaza,” as Seinfeld takes the stage.

A scuffle breaks out in the audience with some audience members calling for the protesters to “get out,” as the crowd shouts “Jerry, Jerry,” in support of the comedian.

As the crowd boos the demonstrator, Seinfeld says sarcastically from the stage, “I think your message is resonating with the crowd, people seem to be on your side.”

The veteran comedian appears to keep his cool during the interruption, quipping, “I like it when the Jew-haters spice up the show.”

Video shared on social media shows the protester being escorted out of the venue by a security guard.

The incident comes a week after a handful of students walked out of Seinfeld’s speech at Duke University’s commencement ceremony to protest his support for Israel since Hamas’s October 7 massacres and throughout the ensuing war in Gaza.

During a solidarity visit to Israel in December, Seinfeld visited Kibbutz Be’eri, which was heavily targeted by Hamas on October 7, and met with hostages who had been freed in a week-long truce in November.

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