Settlers caught on camera setting car ablaze during West Bank riots, as IDF soldiers do nothing to stop them

During riots in the West Bank last night, settlers were caught on camera setting fire to a vehicle in a private parking lot in full view of the IDF soldiers who were guarding them, but did nothing to stop them.

The footage of the violence was captured by the property owner’s security camera, the Yesh Din rights group says.

“Violent revenge incidents by settlers a recurring phenomenon. However, although security forces and law enforcement authorities are aware of the danger, they are not prepared to protect Palestinians and do not act to prevent such attacks — not in advance, nor in real-time, nor retroactively,” Yesh Din says in a statement about the incident.

“There are no preventive actions, no arrests, and no indictments against the perpetrators. As seen in the video, the soldiers do not intervene — contrary to their duty and authority,” the rights group adds.

Violence erupted in the West Bank over the weekend after the body of 14-year-old Benjamin Achimeir was found on Saturday, a day after he went missing. Throughout the search for the teen and after, Jewish settlers rampaged through a number of Palestinian villages, vandalizing property, and causing injuries and a fatality.

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