Soccer referee in Israel’s top league seriously injured during IDF reserve duty in north

A soccer referee in Israel’s top league was seriously injured last night in the north during his IDF reserve duty as part of skirmishes with the Hezbollah terror group accompanying the ongoing war in Gaza.

The Israel Football Association’s Referee Association says in a statement that Premier League referee Niv Steif, who serves in the IDF Armored Corps, suffered serious injuries from an anti-tank missile.

Steif was taken by helicopter to Haifa’s Rambam hospital, underwent multiple complex and long operations, and is now in stable condition, the statement says.

The Referee Association says its representatives have visited Steif in hospital and adds that it will support him and his family until his recovery.

“Niv is a young and promising referee and a tough and strong guy, and we are confident and praying that he will manage to overcome the injury and continue as planned in his personal and professional life,” the statement says.

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