UNRWA claims fuel trucks enter Gaza; Israel denies any fuel has entered Strip

An official at the Rafah crossing and an AFP journalist claim that fuel trucks have entered Gaza via the crossing from Egypt for the first time since the war began, while Israel denies that is the case.

According to an UNRWA official and Egyptian source cited by AFP, six trucks with fuel to power generators at two hospitals cross from Egypt.

AP journalists at the crossing say that they have seen seven fuel trucks enter Gaza today.

However, Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office as well as COGAT, the Defense Ministry body, deny that any fuel has entered the Strip.

Both bodies claim that the photos of such trucks are in fact of trucks transferring fuel internally inside Gaza from UN fuel depots to hospitals.

Israel has repeatedly said that it will not allow any fuel to enter the enclave until all hostages being held in Gaza are released, but it will allow in water, food and medical supplies.

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