US Jewish leaders urge Europe to use all resources to ‘end the scourge’ of terror

America’s Jewish leaders urge France and the rest of Europe to decisively root out terror.

Conference of Presidents leaders Robert G. Sugarman and Malcolm Hoenlein send their condolences to the leaders and members of the French Jewish community, in particular, to the families of the hostages reportedly killed at the kosher supermarket.

“We call upon the government of France as well as other European governments to act decisively and comprehensively to root out those who had any involvement or provided support for the escalating terrorist attacks,” they say.

“There must be a total commitment to bring to bear all the resources, both public and private, to end the scourge that has taken so many lives and hurt many more. The urgency to confront the Islamist extremist infrastructure is underscored by the presence of the many hundreds of young French fighters in Syria who are being trained to kill and carry out barbaric acts. All civilized nations should be joining together to create a solid wall of opposition that will honestly and forthrightly confront the root of the terrorism and extremism,” say Sugarman and Hoenlein.