WATCH: Footage of IDF strike on Gaza hospital

The IDF releases footage of its airstrike this morning on Gaza’s al-Wafa hospital, as well as recordings of the phone calls that were made to the hospital before it was bombed.

The video begins with footage of shots being fired out of the hospital, presumably at IDF troops conducting operations in the Gaza Strip.

“Do you see them firing?” says a soldier. “I have spotted fire from within the house (hospital) — affirmative,” responds another.

A second recording can then be heard, this time of a warning call made by the IDF to a source in Gaza, to ensure that no civilians are present in the hospital.

“Are you positive there is no one at the Wafa hospital?” asks an IDF soldier in Arabic.

“No, no one is there,” responds the source.

“You’re positive no injured people are there?” asks the soldier.

“There is hospital equipment, but no [injured] people,” the source says.

The soldier then asks for a second clarification regarding injured people, and is told that there are none inside the hospital.

Both calls are said to have been made on Monday.

The video then continues with a recording of another warning call made by the IDF this morning, the morning of the strike, to Gaza.

“I have spoken to the director of the hospital again,” says the Gazan, adding, “I spoke to him and he said there are no medical staff and no injured people. He closed the hospital and locked all the doors; there is no way to enter.”

The soldier asks once again if there is anybody inside the hospital.

“No one is there,” says the source.

The soldier explains, “It is important to clarify, because they (Hamas) are attacking our troops from there and now they are inside the hospital. International law requires us to keep our soldiers and Israeli citizens safe and to prevent any shooting or firing of rockets from there.”

“Everything is okay, I will clarify this,” responds the source.

The recording then ends, and is followed by footage of the airstrike on the hospital. A large explosion can be seen — followed by a number of secondary explosions, indicating that there were explosives in the building.

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