White House hits back at Hamas for decrying Biden’s criticism of anti-Israel Columbia protests

Jacob Magid is The Times of Israel's US bureau chief

The White House hits back after a Hamas official criticized US President Joe Biden for condemning the anti-Israel protests at Columbia University.

“The American administration’s attempts to suppress these activities will not change the reality of the situation, whether regarding the justice of the Palestinian cause or the brutality and racism of the Israeli occupation,” Hamas spokesperson Bassem Naim told Newsweek earlier this week. “We believe that suppressing these activities will increase the youth’s adherence to their position and reveal the falsity of American democracy.”

Responding to Naim, White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates tells The Times of Israel, “Hamas is a vicious terrorist organization that has spent decades murdering innocents.”

“Hamas perpetrated the deadliest massacre of the Jewish people since the Holocaust, which makes them the least credible voice that exists on this subject,” Bates says.

“Hamas’ disapproval, after their acts of ‘unadulterated evil’ – which they’ve pledged to repeat “again and again” – is a testament to President Biden’s moral clarity,” Bates adds.

“President Biden has stood against antisemitism his entire life. And he will never stop. That’s why he is carrying out the first-ever national strategy to combat antisemitism,” he adds.

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