Twitter users tweeted posts containing the word “Nazi” or “Nazis” more than three times per second during the US-Germany World Cup match on Thursday.

Users tweeted some form of the word a total of 30,209 times during the match, according to a graphic shared by a Twitter user and published on the blog “Regressing,” which broke the game down into 15 second intervals and measured how many occurred within that time frame.

Not surprisingly, spikes in Third Reich-related tweets corresponded with plays that were in Germany’s favor. After German forward Thomas Mueller scored the only goal of the match, users bombarded the social network with more than 20 Nazi tweets per second at one point.

US midfielder Kyle Beckerman’s yellow card resulted in around nine per second during one interval; and when the game ended in a 1-0 win for Germany users vented (or possibly celebrated, depending on where they were from) with about 11 per second.

One of the referees also caused a storm of about 7.5 Nazi tweets per second at one point after he used a hand that somewhat resembled a Nazi salute gesture while making a call: