Israeli actor and comedian Yaron Berlad, 37, was detained and questioned this week on suspicion of sexually assaulting an underage girl, police said Tuesday.

The identity of Berlad, who performs on the popular satire show “Eretz Nehederet” (A Wonderful Country), was initially kept under a gag order but his name was released at his own request after he denied the allegations against him.

The name of his accuser is still being kept under wraps by officials, in line with standard procedures.

Berlad, a resident of Tel Aviv, was accused by the victim, a 17-year old female acquaintance, of sexual assault following an incident on Saturday night.

According to the victim’s complaint, the suspect met with her in his vehicle and promised her a part in “Eretz Nehederet,” and then attempted to sexually assault her, but she was able to escape.

A police source told Walla News that Berlad is thought to have groped the victim in a “sensitive area” before she fled.

Berlad, initially described as a “famous comedian” in the media, was arrested and then released to house arrest earlier this week. In his interrogation he denied the assault. He said he knew the alleged victim, whom he said introduced herself to him as an adult. 

Earlier this month due to lack of evidence, the state dropped charges against popular singer Eyal Golan, who was accused of holding after-concert sex and drug parties with underage fans.