Several dozen residents of the West Bank outpost of Migron demonstrated in front of the Justice Ministry on Thursday to protest the state’s plan to evacuate the site.

Earlier in the week, the state told the High Court of Justice that it would not attempt to delay the evacuation, even though it is still investigating whether residents legally purchased some of the land, as the residents claim.

Migron, the largest West Bank outpost, was acknowledged by the state to be built on private Palestinian land, and the court ordered its evacuation and demolition earlier this year. In July, residents of the outpost petitioned the court to delay the evacuation, arguing that they had purchased roughly half the land the outpost sits on from its Palestinian owner. The police began investigating the deal following a complaint filed by the landowner.

Also in July, a ministerial committee decided to support the petition to delay evacuation. The residents of Migron have stated that the court decision ignored that recommendation.

The government petitioned the High Court of Justice last month to grant it a 30-day extension for the evacuation of the outpost, saying the army could not carry out that mission during the month-long Muslim holiday of Ramadan and that new housing had yet to be completed for the families set to be evicted.

The petition to the court recognized that an earlier request to delay the evacuation until November 2015 was rejected, but said that a shorter, one-month delay was reasonable. The court had ordered that the evacuation be carried out by August 1.

Greg Tepper and Aaron Kalman contributed to this report.