Security forces in the Sinai arrested 25 terrorists belonging to Hamas and al-Qaeda as they were trying to cross from the northern part of the peninsula to the Nile Delta region in it’s south, Egyptian media sources reported Monday.

The terrorists were reportedly found carrying 50 weapons, including an anti-tank RPG launcher, ammunition, and satellite phones. The terrorists were also in possession of maps and photos of strategic installations in the peninsula.

In the town of Menufia, north of Cairo, Egyptian security forces uncovered on Monday a uniform manufacturing workshop that included over 1,000 items of clothing. Officials suspect that fundamentalist Islamic organizations planned to use the fake uniforms to carry out terror attacks on military bases.

Last week, rolls of cloth, allegedly intended for the manufacture of fake Egyptian army uniforms, were confiscated by Egyptian security forces in northern Sinai as they were about to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip through an underground tunnel.

Sinai terrorists have used Egyptian uniforms to mask their identity in the past. In August 2011, 12 terrorists — some of whom had donned Egyptian army fatigues — opened fire at an Israeli bus and motorists on a highway north of Eilat, killing six Israeli civilians and two soldiers. Five Egyptian soldiers and policemen were also killed in the exchange of fire between the terrorists and the IDF.

Hamas movement spokesman Sami Abu-Zuhri denied the fabric was intended for the Gaza Strip, and the official Hamas government spokesman Taher Al-Nunu suggested that such fabric may have been intended for children’s suits, or for the uniforms of Al-Qassam fighters on the border with Israel.

Elhanan Miller contributed to this report